Great Add-Ons for Your Pool

You can make your swimming pool as the envy of the neighborhood by just incorporating amazing pool features and add-ons. Since you have already decided to invest in having an inground pool, why won’t you consider going all the way? If you are still not sure how to upgrade and maximize your pool, here are some of the best options you can consider having for your inground pool:

Bar tables and stools

You don’t have to get out of the pool to sip a cool beverage and sit down. You just have to incorporate pool furniture. We don’t suggest to place it on the poolside. Instead, place it literally in the pool. With the help of UV-resistant in-pool water furniture, you can sit in the water during hot summer days.


Rather than having a more usual waterfall from your spa toward your pool, you can consider incorporating a stream to your pool space. Before splashing the water into the pool, it will flow downstream. Streams are the best for you especially when you want to achieve a more natural look in your backyard.

Tanning shelf

Incorporating a tanning shelf, which is also known as a tanning ledge, to your poolside enables you to get that ideal tan and then get into the water to cool off every time you feel like it. Typically, a tanning shelf is attached to the poolside nearly 6 inches below the water level. Hence, you are kept cool as you have a tanning session.

Backyard splash pads

If you have your own backyard splash pad, you don’t have to head to the water park any more Splash pads are ideal for children and especially those kids at heart who do not really want to head to the pool but still like to have some fun and cool off.

Beach entry

Rather than a usual stair entry or ladder entry into your pool, a beach entry pool smoothly begins with the pool deck as it eventually slopes into the pool. You’ll still get a couple of steps to get you deeper into the pool. There’s also a pool called a zero-entry pool where you can really walk into the pool, just how you walk into the ocean.

Infinity pools

An infinity pool, which is also called a negative edge pool, can make the optical illusion that the pool’s water vanishes into the horizon, as in a waterfall. The installation of an infinity pool costs more because it involves engineering. However, it will really be a worthy investment due to its jaw-dropping factor. In fact, a few of the most exclusive holes all over the globe are renowned for their infinity pools.

You can transform your pool space into an actual backyard oasis with a few custom pool add-ons. Your pool will definitely be a crowd favorite. If you want help to install such features into your pool and clean it at the same time, contact the services for your pools Wilmington NC.

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